Frequently Asked Questions

Are nutribullet cups BPA free?

Yes they are BPA free.

How do i care for my nutribullet?

We recommend washing the blade by hand with warm soapy water immediately after use. You can use a nylon brush to reach hard to reach areas. The blade, jug and motor base are not dishwasher safe. The cups are dishwasher safe. When cleaning the motor base, unplug from the socket and wipe clean with a warm soapy cloth.

Can i use ice or frozen fruits in the nutribullet cup or jug?

We recommend using frozen fruits such as berries, bananas or mango to make the smoothies cold. If you do use ice, do not exceed 25% of your total ingredients.
We suggest smaller cubes or crushed such as those from the refrigerator ice maker so that it disperses thoroughly in the smoothie. Also chilled liquid such as spring water, herbal or ginger teas, almond milk can help to make the smoothie cold without over watering.

Why am i having difficulty removing my blade from my cup after blending?

Blending creates pressure inside the cup to break down ingredients. Make sure not to fill above the MAX line. The longer your blend cycle is on, the more pressure is building inside the cup. An alternative is pulse blending in shorter cycles.

What ingredients should not be blended inside a nutribullet cup?

Never blend heated or carbonated ingredients in the nutribullet cup, this could cause the cup to pressurise and leak causing damage or injury. Only blend hot ingredients in the jug with the vented lid securely attached.

Are nutribullet parts interchangeable?

Each nutribullet has its own blade and cup that is designed to specifically for each model. Using the wrong parts and accessories can lead to increased wear and tear. You can purchase your spare parts from High Street TV by either calling their 24hr Order line on 0344 800 0649, or by visiting their website –

Are nutribullet cups and jug microwave safe? are they freezer safe?

No, the nutribullet cups and jug are not microwave or freezer safe.

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