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nutribullet Blender

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nutribullet Blender

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the powerful jug blender

  • For all your traditional blending needs
  • Blend soups, smoothies, dips, sauces, spreads, milks and more
  • Hot and cold, nutribullet Blender does it all

RRP £99.99

The versatile traditional jug blender.

Not just for smoothies, nutribullet Blender has more power, more capacity and more control for all your traditional blender needs including blending hot ingredients and liquids!

key features

Huge 1.6L capacity.

Two speed settings plus a pulse function.

Blend hot and cold ingredients.

Like it hot?

As well as giving you the perfect smoothie, with the Vented Lid Cap, the 1.6L jug can handle soups, sauces and other hot liquids.

Take complete control!

With two blend speeds; High and Low and an added Pulse function you’re in complete control of every recipe.

Not just another blender

nutribullet by name, nutribullet by nature. Utilise the nutrient extraction technology you know and love from the Original nutribullet and pulverise stems, seeds and skins where often neglected nutrition lies.

Product Info

Hot and cold blending

As well as giving you the perfect smoothie, with the Vented Lid Cap, the 1.6L jug can blend hot ingredients so you can blend fresh soups, sauces and other hot liquids.

Extractor Blade

It might look a little different, but the Blender is still a nutribullet! Crack open seeds, bust open stems, shred through skins of fruits and vegetables to extract all of the fibre and nutrients hidden in your ingredients.

Take complete control

With two blend speeds; High and Low, and an added Pulse function you’re in complete control of every single recipe.

Larger Capacity

The large 1.6L capacity Blender jug makes huge portions so the whole family can enjoy your delicious creations, or you could even batch blend!

Fuss-Free Cleaning

When you’re done just put everything (except the power base) in the dishwasher.

1000w of power

Crush ice, blitz vegetables, blend sauces, smoothies, dips and dhals. nutribullet Blender has the power to do it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 How do i care for my nutribullet?

We recommend washing the nutribullet blender jug by hand with warm soapy water immediately after use. You can use a nylon brush to reach hard to reach areas. The jug and motor base are not dishwasher safe. When cleaning the motor base, unplug from the socket and wipe clean with a warm soapy cloth.

02 Does the liquid level always have to be to the max line?

The liquid level does not need to be at the MAX line. Ensure you never fill over the MAX line.

03 Can i use ice or frozen fruits in the nutribullet jug?

We recommend using frozen fruits such as berries, bananas or mango to make the smoothies cold. If you do use ice, do not exceed 25% of your total ingredients.
We suggest smaller cubes or crushed such as those from the refrigerator ice maker so that it disperses thoroughly in the smoothie. Also chilled liquid such as spring water, herbal or ginger teas, almond milk can help to make the smoothie cold without over watering.